code the brain to think out of the box

unlearn the traditional way of thinking

unfold creativity


A unique virtual program which encourages children to

Identify Challenges and creatively solve problems.

Express ideas without fear and develop Team spirit.

Enhance work memory and brainstorming skills.

With ample number of creative challenges and memory boosting games , this virtual camp is one of a kind , which emphasizes FUN WITH LEARNING

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"Creativity is intelligence having fun" - Albert Einstein

Brainiacplus brings you a unique workshop on creative problem solving with brain augmentation.

This online workshop fosters original and divergent thinking in children with fun of learning.

Escape room based themes throws challenges to kids to bring out their creative thinking and brainstorming skills, building teamwork and boosting memory.

This workshop with different themes empowers young minds to explore divergent challenges including verbal, non-verbal, logical/analytical, memory boosting games. Workshop is designed in the form of escape rooms which fosters brainstorming skills while having fun. Program not only targets algorithmic thinking but also stimulates imagination power to exchange their ideas with other teammates.

Age : 9-13 yrs

Join the workshop from anywhere in the world .

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